Marketing Unique Spa Services

Bart Foreman, CEO of Group 3 Marketing in Minneapolis, offers some hints on how to market unique spa services:

  • Acknowledge the usual aspects of the service to clients, explain them and then follow up with a brief description of their health benefits.
    Feature the service on your website and include a streaming video of some clients receiving the treatment. Include an appropriate voice-over description.
  • Identify a few people of influence in the community and invite them to try the service. Get testimonials from them afterward.
    Enlist a local public relations expert to write a short, even humorous piece about service and place it in a local newspaper or city magazine. This will demystify the experience while giving it ample play.
  • Invite your spa's best clients for a special evening that includes the treatment. Take lots of photos. Display them in your spa and on your spa website.
  • Study the demographics of the clients who try the service and use that information to target potential clients with similar demographics.
  • Use your spa database to do a series of mailings about the treatment and its benefits. Offer incentives such as gifts to encourage clients to try it. Use these mailings to drive clients to your website for more information.

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