Media Etiquette Tips


         The clients we represent who return media calls rapidly and provide relevant materials are those who realize the greatest success. It is also important that a spa spokesperson does not have his own agenda when speaking with a press person. They have a particular story to film or write about and they are not receptive if a spokesperson tries to steer an interview in the direction he or she wants.


For example, if an editor from Vogue is interviewing you about glycolic peels, do not digress and tell them that what you really wish to highlight are your cellulite treatments.  Try to cultivate the media people with whom you deal. If you do well for them, they will use you as a continual source.


Spas must be ready with both black and white as well as color photos of the spa facility in case they are requested by the media, which they often are. Another tip: focus on things that are cutting edge such as new types of treatments such as Thai Massage, Stone Facials, Thalossotherapy, and Candling.


A major turn-off is a doctor or spa owner who thinks he/she is a member of the press and tries to tell the media expert how a story should be written or slanted.


Always keep your ethics and morals and never compromise them for a media appearance. A quality publicist would never put his or her client in a situation that would compromise them. Keep focused on your own success. I have seen many spa owners become absorbed and sometimes obsessed with their rivals around the corner. Do the best you can with your own clients and in ethically promoting your business and the rest will fall into place.  


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Katherine M. Rothman is the President and CEO of KMR Communications, Inc a Manhattan public relations firm specializing in beauty and medical clientele. The firm's clients include leading spas, salons, skin care companies and plastic surgeons and dermatologists nationwide in addition to other sub-specialties of medicine. The firm's clients regularly appear in Vogue, Elle, Allure, and many other prestigious publications as well as national television programs. Ms. Rothman has addressed the topic of spas and public relations in both trade and consumer media.