Mobile Spas

There are spa business owners who are even operating without a brick-and-mortar spa at all.  Mobile spa services are being provided at corporate events, concerts, swanky special events, home gatherings, bridal parties and even family reunions. Says Tia Lanzetta, president of Spa Cucina in Del Mar, a trendy beach town in southern California, "Mobile spas provide an ideal career niche for free-spirited practitioners who simply don't want to have to show up at the same place every day to enjoy a lucrative livelihood."  Mobile spa parties are creating a sensation with people who are looking for the convenience of bringing the spa directly to a given location, or for people who are looking for novel ways to entertain at a gathering of friends or family.

Spa Cucina in Del Mar, CA is the mobile arm of Cucina Food & Body Therapies at the Stratford Inn.  With a mobile spa practice focused on inspiring people to lead healthier lifestyles, the majority of their outcall staff are holistic practitioners.  Beginning at $200 per guest, Spa Cucina caters a healthy lunch, teaches an outdoor yoga class and, depending on the number of guests in the party, do two or three spa services per person.

Spa Camp, based in Santa Rosa, CA specializes in making house calls to stressed-out offices in northern California.  With a focus on penetrating the corporate market, Spa Camp delivers real value to business audiences by providing group-based stress relief services including aromatherapy treatments, a neck and shoulder massage, a self-applied mud mask, a foot soak and wrap and an exfoliating hand scrub, massage and paraffin dip before concluding with a guided meditation