New Year, New You

As a New Year comes around, the vast majority of us start making resolutions, plans and promises about what we are going to do differently. Whether it’s eating more kale, breaking a sweat daily, or finally kicking that nasty habit (or person) to the curb, we all set out with the best intentions. Maybe it’s getting more financially organized, having a solid marketing plan, or learning a new skill or technique. But the truth is that even though the New Year seems like the best place to start, if you are like millions of others, procrastination will get in the way. The holiday lights are still warm and the “Excusitis” has set in.

There is always an excuse – why you can’t do it, why today it didn’t happen, how you’re going to do it tomorrow. Procrastination involves the act of replacing high-priority actions with lower priority tasks, like cleaning your treatment room one more time versus introducing yourself to waiting hair clients. Procrastination is bad for you; it results in stress, a sense of guilt, loss of productivity, as well as social disapproval. But everyone needs a little motivation and some tools to help them reach their goals!

Here are some tips to keep you on track in 2013:

  • Modify your goal as new circumstances warrant a change in direction or pace.
  • Monitor your progress daily to keep yourself on target.
  • Start with the small bites – procrastination occurs when the task is too big. Start walking every day, then begin jogging before running that 10k.
  • Schedule time to work on your goals in an undistracted space.
  • Look forward to the success and visualize yourself after completion. Getting started is good, but completion is the outcome you need.
  • Join with others who are working hard toward their goals; it’s energizing and motivating. This is why many students come to class!


Find your motivational switch. Is it reward, recognition or penalty? With all goal-setting it takes decision, discipline and determination, but reaching your goals boosts self esteem, gives you a sense of fulfillment, and it can actually increase endorphins, making you more personable, creative, positive and confident. So eat that kale. Put on the running shoes. Book that class and see your success clearly on the horizon!

By Annet King, Director of Global Education

Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute