The Power of Testers

I recently visited some shops in Florida, NYC and in Chicago where TESTERS were not available. I could not sample, smell, feel or get to know all the lotions, candles or beauty potions.  The store, salon or spa had not offered any testers.  I could not discover what the products had to offer and could only read the box or see the price.  Although in some places, the signage spelled out the scent and benefits… I could not feel and smell the pleasure of the product.  So, I browsed these beauty filled bounties and left without making a purchaseNo testers to try made me not want to plop down my American Express card.

Do you offer testers? Testers are teasers to MAKE people want to buy!

They can be a fragrance, a candle, a lotion, a facemask, lipstick or a face scrub. If you want people to buy ALL you have to offer in your retail areas…you have to make this small investment and offer them to lure people to want to try to buy the product. If a company (vendor) does not supply them you have to make them a tester. That simply means you take one of each of your products and place a label on it that says TESTER.

I am so serious about them we not only have them on each of our products we also had labels created professionally for our pleasure and use that read the following:

  • “ TRY me”

  • “ Touch me, try me, buy me!”

  • “Treat yourself ”

  • “Tester”

  • “Try me…Love me”

What do you do? I’d love to hear from you.

If you are frugal and don’t offer testers to your spa guests for everything you sell…the fact is those items most likely will not sell or they will sell slowly. If you don’t know where to buy them ask me and I will tell you companies that do.

Testers, cotton balls, q-tips, tissues, perfume paper sticks for fragrances ALL are necessities to your retail zones.

Yesterday I was at a posh and popular ALL things makeup, skincare and designer brands perfume and I was in heaven. The lights were perfect, the music pumping…but when I went to try the testers…the bottles had greasy fingerprints all over them. The bottles almost slipped out of my hand. The lotions had oily slippery feel, some not all of the makeup testers were so dusty and dirty I was scared to try them for fear of pink eye or worse.  I could not wait to leave, disinfect my hands, and wash them too.

So, the moral of this story is keep it clean and inviting…it’s like inviting people to your house for dessert and the chinaware and plates are a bit dirty.  Not good.  They simply did not make me feel good to be there and shop there ever again too.

These are little investments for many sales they can generate. Remember it costs money to make money.  Let your clients “taste” and “test” and “ buy” to their hearts content.  Sales will soar…just watch and see.