Properties of Seaweed and Use in Spa Treatments

The goal of seawater treatments is to bring the body back into balance.  As a perfectly balanced nutrient, seaweed offers a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that nourish the skin and increase the circulation to the tissues.  Metabolism is increased due to the presence of organic iodine. Seaweed fights off stress because it contains high levels of magnesium while potassium improves all neural functions.

Seaweed contains anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene and important amino acids Trace minerals such as manganese, copper and iron, contribute to the anti-aging properties of brown algae. The selenium and ascorbic acid in seaweed offer a comprehensive protection from free radicals. Seaweed's polysaccharides combine with dermal proteins to form a protective and moisturizing film at the surface of the skin.

The role of seaweed in detoxification of the connective tissues is essential to the health and proper functioning of the skin and the body.  Nutrition without proper detoxification leads to a pollution of our inner ocean.  Toxic buildup in the body leads to water retention and bloat. This condition is the natural result of accumulation of protein catabolites that upset the osmotic balance. The body reacts by a mechanism that brings more water to the affected tissue that effectively restores osmotic balance and dilutes the toxins with water.

During a seawater treatment, the osmotic pressure due to concentration of mineral salts and trace elements is driven transdermally into the connective tissue and promotes detoxification at the cellular level. The introduction of anti-oxidants and the abundance of free radical scavengers provide protection of cellular integrity and youthful looking body skin. Toxins and excess sodium levels are reduced without loss of valuable magnesium and potassium. The synergy of detoxification with remineralization, as well as stimulation of circulation all combine to decongest the connective tissues which are at the heart of a variety of skin conditions such as acne and rosacea to body ailments such as edema and cellulite.