The Retail Reboot for Re-Opening Series: Part One

Retail areas will have to change upon re-opening after COVID-closures. // Photo Credit: andresr/Royalty-Free/E+/Getty Images

As you prepare to re-open your salon or spa, it’s important to take some time to rethink your retail approach. While we have all been hyper focused on safety, we  will need to make some changes to the way we approach our retail sales. Many businesses have had great success with online or curbside pick up of retail products, but there is a safe and sane way to include retail sales in your re-opening plans.

1. Retail Displays

Adopt the philosophy of “less is more” when it comes to your facility's retail displays. Simple steps you can do to increase the safety and reduce contact in the retail area include:


  • Removing all testers, and safely disposing of them.
  • If you have makeup stations, sanitize and store away. It may be a long time before tester stations are safe for use. Consider removing and disposing of any opened containers, as well.
  • Remove all props in the retail area. Sanitize those can be used again and store for later.
  • Remove artificial plants, greenery, or other unnecessary decorations in the retail area. While they look pretty, it's just more surface area to hold germs and have to clean.
  • If you have display holders that hold multiple products in a single unit, sanitize them and store away. It is better to have fewer surfaces and contact points to clean and sanitize each day.
  • Place any shelf talkers in glass or plastic frames that can be sanitized daily or more often.
  • Remove any testers or product displays located in guest bathrooms or treatment rooms.

2. Inventory Displays

This is not the time to have three, four, or five of each retail SKU on the shelf. Depending on the popularity of the product, one or two of each item should be sufficient. Restocking or selling from a secure cabinet or storage area is preferable to decrease the chances of contamination.

  • Store additional inventory in a secure location either in the retail area or back of house.
  • Create a shelf talker that shares a message such as “We have more of your favorite retail products-please ask for assistance."

  • Assign welcome desk staff to pull and wrap retail products to discourage browsing and touching.

3. Make Recommendations Digitally

Retail product recommendations are still an important component of customer service, and a way to extend the benefit of any service or treatment. Develop a digital form for your “Spa-Scription,” which can be stored as part of the guest record for follow up in a few days after the appointment, as well as for the next appointment.

About the Series: Patti Biro, retail expert and spa professional, has been speaking and educating at Questex's IECSC events for a number years. She's now expanding her expertise to the American Spa audience through her new series, "Retail Reboot for Re-Opening," which will feature weekly articles on the American Spa website focusing on growing your spa's retail sales post-Coronavirus.


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