Scents of Style

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory. For that reason, I took great care in selecting a new perfume to wear on my wedding day, and its fresh, citrusy aroma still brings me back to those special moments. Scent isn’t only about nostalgia; studies have shown that a distinct aroma can make a business more memorable and have a stronger effect than visual images. Cristina Proano-Carrion, founder of Aromandina shared her tips on common scents.


Which scents are best?

  • There is a huge difference between essential oils and synthetic fragrances! Synthetic fragrances are made with various chemicals, which means they can be dangerous. The last thing you need is for a customer to have an asthma attack or break out in a rash because you sprayed some fake scent into the air. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural compounds that come from plants' roots, stems, flowers, bark, and seeds. They don't have any toxins or synthetic additives in them. If you want to tap into your customers' sense of smell safely, you need to use essential oils.


Which essential oils are most likely to bring you more business?

  • That depends on the mood you're trying to create. Aim for an uplifting, relaxing atmosphere. If you select essential oils that have calming or sedative properties, your employees may feel too sluggish to do their best, and your customers may feel too listless to actually buy anything. But by creating an environment that's relaxing and uplifting, your customers can experience a bunch of feel-good emotions, while also feeling comfortable enough to take their time inspecting your products and making purchases.


What scents provide that uplifting and relaxing atmosphere?

  • Any of the citrus oils: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot
  • Peppermint, Rosemary create a fresh, clean scent that makes customers and employees feel more alert.
  • Cinnamon is powerful so it should be used in moderation. A couple drops of cinnamon pairs well with about 10 drops of orange.
  • Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang can both eliminate feelings of jealousy and envy. It puts both your customers and your employees in a better mood and creates an all-around more positive environment.
  • Spruce will help your customers feel more grounded and slightly calmer, which comes in handy on those cold, dark days in the winter.


Bonus Tip

  • And, as an added benefit, essential oils have antiseptic properties. So, by burning them or putting them in a diffuser, you'll actually help ward off germs for guests and employees.

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