Social Campaign Ideas You Can Implement Today

You've got your Page going on FaceBook, maybe even your LinkedIn profile looking good, but no strategy of what to do with your presence. Here are a few ideas you can start today!

  1. Start a photo campaign. Start easy, photos of your staff. Then dive in and start taking photos with your customers and staff together, celebrate and honor your relationships!

  2. Create a simple 3 question survey you ask every customer. Find out if they are on FaceBook, do they know about your Page, what would they like you to Post. Document the results!!!

  3. Do you have a company Page on LinkedIn? Have you listed the services your Spa offers?

  4. Get your email list cleaned up and search for your connections on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Did you know you can invite people from your Page to "Like the Page." It is under Edit your Page, Marketing. Dig in this is powerful software!

  5. FaceBook Deals! If you have your Page, start checking in. Make sure you have merged your Page with your Place and can offer your clients Deals for checking in.

These are all strategies you can implement from your desk starting today. Are you ready?