Spa Concepts International's Steps to Business Plan Development

I.   Executive Summary

II.  Company Description
  A.  Legal Form of Business
  B.  Company's Mission
  C.  Names of Top Management
  D.  Location and Geographic Information
  E.  Company's Development Stage
  F.  Company's Products or Services
  G. Specialty Business Information


III. The Industry Analysis  
  A.  Size and Growth Trends
  B.  Maturity of Industry
  C.  Vulnerability to Economic Factors
  D.  Seasonal Factors
  E.  Technological Factors
  F.  Regulatory Issues
  G.  Supply and Distribution
  H. Financial Considerations


IV.  The Target Market  
  A.  Demographics/Geographics
  B.  Lifestyles and Psychographics
  C.  Purchasing Patterns
  D.  Buying Sensitivities
  E. Size and Trends of Market


V.   The Competition  
  A.  Competitive Position
  B.  Market Share Distribution
  C.  Barriers to Entry
  D.  Future Competition


VI.  Marketing and Sales Strategy  
  A.  Company's Message
  B.  Marketing Vehicles
  C.  Strategic Partnerships
  D.  Other Marketing Tactics
  E.  Sales Force and Structure
F. Sales Assumptions


VII. Operations  
  A.  Facilities
  B.  Manufacturing/Production Plan
  C.  Equipment and Technology
  D.  Variable Labor Requirements
  E.  Inventory Management
  F.  Supply and Distribution
  G. Order Fulfillment and Customer Service


VIII. Management and Organization  
  A.  Principals/Key Employees
  B.  Board of Directors
  C.  Consultants/Specialists
  D.  Management to Be Added
  E.  Organizational Chart
  F. Management Style/Corporate Culture


IX.  Development and Exit Plans  
  A.  Long-Term Company Goals
  B.  Growth Strategy
  C.  Milestones
  D.  Risk Evaluation

  E. Exit Plan


X.   The Financials (grouped by year) 
  A.  Sales Plan
  B.  Staffing Plan
  C.  TQM Plan
  D.  Marketing Plan
  E.  Operations Plan
  F.  Capital Budget
  G.  Cash Budget

XI.   The Financials (continued) 
  H.  Income Statement
  I.   Balance Sheet
  J.   Cash Flow
  K.  Break Even Analysis
  L.  Plan Assumptions
  M. Use of Funds


XII. Appendix


The Executive Summary

1.  Your basic business concept makes sense;
2.  Your business had been thoroughly planned;
3.  That management is capable;
4.  A clear-cut market exists;
5.  Your business has competitive advantages;
6. Your financial projections are realistic;
7. Investors have an excellent chance to get a return.


Company Description

   Legal or corporate name
   Doing business as ...
   Brand or trade names
   Subsidiary companies

Legal form:
   Legal form of business
   State incorporated
   County for business license
   Owners or major stakeholders


    Chairperson of the Board
    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Advisory board members


   Company headquarters
   Place of business
   Geographic area served