Spa Team Accountability and Success

Building a successful team requires accountability, and that starts from the top of the organization.  Let’s have a moment of truth; do you have a systematic approach to team accountability?  If you don’t, you must!  Start with a very detailed position description for each position within the spa.  Outline all responsibilities, skill requirements, education and expectations.   In addition, it is wise to have an attachment outlining all areas that each team member will be accountable for. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Team expectations and accountability

  • Monthly performance goals for service and retail volume

  • Guest satisfaction and follow-up

  • Number of referrals

  • Retention rate

  • Number of self-generated guests

  • Future reservation attempts

  • Series sales

  • Promotion sales

  • Cross promoting

  • Work ethics

  • Teamwork

  • Attitude

  • Image

One thing I frequently notice when we work with new clients is the lack of performance measures and accountability.  Everything is loosey goosey. But it shouldn’t be that way.  If you are serious about your business, then you must be serious about team performance.

Could you imagine if a sports team just showed up to play a game and no score was kept. I love using sports analogies (even though I am sad about the Orlando Magic losing to the Boston Celtics).   Now that the Magic fell short of their goal of winning a championship, they will evaluate their team performance and make adjustments to reach their goal.

In sports, everything is measured. Team members are held accountable for the way they play the game. Think about it… they measure: number of points, fouls, rebounds, turnovers, assists, fast breaks, and so on… Why don’t we use measurements like that?  We should.  If you want a high performance team, standards need to be set and the team needs to be held accountable.

Half the year is almost gone, now is the time to look at your standards and make necessary adjustments.

Remember to recognize your team for a job well done when they reach or exceed their goals.  It is important to celebrate a winning effort.  When people feel valued and appreciated, they are more productive!

So go ahead, get your team motivated, keep them engaged, challenge them and watch your performance soar!!!

We would love  to open a discussion and hear from you on how you hold your team accountable, go ahead comment on this blog!  We want to hear from you!!