Spring Marketing Tips and Tricks for Spas

Marketing PlanUpdating your spa is crucial to establish loyal customers, bring in new visitors, and boost your sales during a season that’s known for body transformations and upkeep. “If you’re not taking advantage of the spring season to display and sell relevant retail and services, you’re ignoring a cash flow that could potentially take your spa business to the next level,” says Ranae Breslow, sales manager at JacoSpa.

Whether fitness types are getting sports massages, beachgoers are prepping with spray tans, or vacationers are enjoying facials, people are visiting spas to lay the groundwork for a summer of success. “Our service sales are strong during spring as guests anticipate making time for themselves prior to the Florida beach season,” says Linda Higgs, spa director at The Spa at Shula’s (Hialeah, FL). “Spring is a time for renewal and cleaning, which is simply spa-like. Waxing, nail services, body treatments, and facials are all in demand for us during this season.”

Enhance your spa with these marketing tips and tricks for spring, which is one of the timeliest seasons for spas to sell retail and services.

Spring-Themed Service

  • Make a playful, seasonal menu with “Rainy Day Specials” to get clients in the mood for a new beginning.
  • If a mask contains vitamin C, advertise it as a “sunshine” or “brightening” mask to better fit with your theme.  
  • Use citrus-, floral-, and fruit-scented body scrubs in spa services to energize and activate the senses.
  • Promote renewal with spa body muds for detoxification and hydration.  
  • Sprinkle fresh flower petals in a footbath for added luxury.
  • Heighten the spa experience with nature sounds. Install a trickling water fountain in the reception area, or let a soothing rainfall mix or ambient bird sounds calm your clients during their treatments.

Spring-Themed Retail

  • Emphasize sales around nail collections and colors that focus on spring.
  • Bring muted, calming pastel colors into the spa with decorations and floral arrangements.
  • Self-tanners make great retail displays for customers looking to build a subtle glow. 
  • Incorporate fresh elements such as avocado, buttermilk, Greek yogurt, and mashed banana into your facial masks.