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Spa uniforms have come a long way since the days of neutral colors and unisex styles. Now, many spas have opted for stylish uniforms for their spa employees that support a clean, professional environment and that complement the design and image of the spa. This consistency has proven to be a winning formula when it comes to impressing clients and setting themselves apart from other spas. “By selecting a unique uniform, a spa can be confident that each guest impression will be consistently true to form and reflect the true identity of the spa,” says Lawrence Grum, managing partner of Yeah Baby. “The style and quality of the uniform in a spa is vitally important because it instills an aura of confidence, professionalism, and style among the staff. In turn, the uniform can inspire the staff to impart a sense of assuredness with guests that their spa treatments will be performed at the highest standard and help to further enhance a memorable guest experience.”

Today, more than ever before, spas are working closely with uniform companies to customize uniforms that directly reflect the spa’s brand and image. “The reason some locations want a custom uniform is that they are looking for a particular theme that flows with the interiors and the service offerings,” says Tara Hitzig, strategic sales manager for Barco. “Another reason is spas are looking to convey a specific feeling when a client arrives. Some service providers wear flowing palazzo pants and tunics, which suggest free-flowing energy, while others wear Mandarin or Moroccan collars to fit with the products they use in the services or the types of services they offer. Uniforms make an extremely important impression on the client, and clean, crisp, and functional uniforms that relay a story along with the spa can make a bold statement.”

Style, fit, and fabric are key factors in choosing the perfect spa uniform, as are budget, comfort, and durability. In addition to ensuring that it is from a reputable company, the uniform should also go through a trial run to make sure it washes well and offers the proper functionality to perform all jobs required by the employees. “We love to create innovative, fashion-forward uniforms with clever functional elements built in,” says Noel Asmar, founder and CEO of Noel Asmar Uniforms. “These innovative elements make work easier, which helps employees to be more effective at their jobs, work more efficiently, feel fabulous, and be happier.” Here’s a look at some spas that dress to impress:


Monique Mathieu

Name of Spa: Aviara Spa at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort (Carlsbad, CA)

Information on Uniform: Spa employees wear black Monique Mathieu uniforms from Paris in either Asia, China, or Java styles.

Why it Works: “At Park Hyatt, luxury is personal,” says senior director of spa operations Kyra Johnson. “Historically, the term bespoke meant that every aspect of the garment was tailored to the wearer to ensure a perfect fit. The same is true for our bespoke spa—every treatment is customized based on the client’s unique needs and desires.”


Noel Asmar Uniforms

Name of Spa: Mii amo (Sedona, AZ)

Information on Uniform: The uniform consists of the Gracie top in charcoal, which is a V-neck wrap with an empire waist accentuated by a column of tiny metallic buttons on one side. It is almost like a jacket and is worn with a black T-shirt underneath and paired with matching straight-leg pants.

Why it Works: “I chose a beautiful charcoal for the uniform color, as it offsets our Boynton Canyon surroundings—red rocks and an azure sky,” says spa director Serene Sanders. “Not only is the design great, but so is the durability and flexibility of the fabric, allowing the therapists to stretch and move comfortably when working.  Many of the uniforms are customized for us. For example, our fitness staff needs an extra five inches in length, and the company has been very willing to work with us on the customization of the sizing our staff requires.”


Yeah Baby

Name of Spa: Spa Las Palmas at Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa (Rancho Mirage, CA)

Information on Uniform: Spa attendants wear the Pravia jacket in black, which features a built-in belt and is buttoned in the back. Spa technicians wear the Aria jacket in black, which features shorter sleeves to allow for easy movement while performing treatments.

Why it Works: “Using uniforms that are different yet similar in style shows that we are a unified team at Spa Las Palmas,” says spa director Glorianna Wood. “Guests know our uniformed associates will give them five-star service, and they will be well taken care of.”


Fashionizer Spa Uniforms

Name of Spa: The Spa at PGA National Resort and Spa (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Information on Uniform: Spa employees wear the Opeia spa tunic and the Aria spa pant uniform, which feature an organic cotton and Lycra blend. The organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Why it Works: “Searching for the appropriate uniform took me a year,” says spa manager Cecilia Tate. “I was looking for a uniform style that was contemporary and provided a professional look while at the same time offered comfort and complimented the silhouette. As a therapist myself, I understood the importance of a material that was breathable and comfortable to work in.”


Noel Asmar Uniforms

Name of Spa: The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe (Truckee, CA)

Information on Uniform: The Urban Fusion uniform in plum is from Noel Asmar Uniforms.

Why it Works: “I chose the Urban Fusion top because it is comfortable and practical,” says spa director Mary Mayshark. “The plum color looks great on everyone who wears it, and it has a great modern, tapered fit.”


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