Taking Care of Your Bread and Butter Clients

By Jay Conrad Levinson, founder of Guerrilla Marketing

Never forget that 70% of all business that is lost is lost due to apathy after the sale, and the opposite of apathy is follow-up. So follow-up not only reduces your marketing investment but also is a boon to your customer retention program.

But customers move, they die, and they get wooed away by competitors, so you must always add new people to your customer list, and they will come in a steady flow if you consistently market to prospects. Think in terms of marketing to them being a solid long-term investment for you. Realize that members of the universe have ways of becoming prospects, and it's a lot easier to sell to a prospect who has heard of you than one who hasn't.

Most likely, you are aiming almost 100% of your marketing budget at prospects. Does that mean you are wasting 70% of it? I hate to tell you this in public, but it does. The rule of thumb says 30% goes to prospects, 10% goes to the universe, and 60% goes to customers. Marketing works well that way. Ask any guerrilla.

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