Think Pink!

Thinking and promoting... Pink! We are celebrating at my sweet beauty retreat those who survived and educating clients on how to take better care of themselves.

“I am a breast cancer survivor too and have two emotional and BIG scars to prove it.” I’m thrilled to still be alive as cancer is a sneaky disease. I had Squamous cell carcinoma on my breast NOT in the breast a few years ago and it still feels like yesterday. Ever since then, we commemorate Breast Cancer in a new way at my business. Yellow (for the sun) and pink for breast cancer. This is our theme and colors throughout the spa.

Have you promoted PINK this month? Do you have a party or educational event planned? Every business I have been in this month from grocery stores, to online shoppes to salons and boutiques are all remembering the pink ribbon cause. It is not to late for you to do something too.

Did you know? It all started with the Lauder family-the Estee Lauder Cosmetics brand that is. Evelyn IS one smart cookie!

Here is what we did to bring them in:

  • We sent out E-vites via E-mail and on Facebook and Twitter.

  • We serve a signature Cocktail and a mock tail called “PinkTini’s called Pretty in Pink and Or “I am a Survivor”. It’s a recipe from my marketing book entitled Entertaining in Your Salon or Spa. Alongside this, we serve hot green tea loaded with antioxidants in pink chinaware.

  • We barter with a client and she makes us a some decadent cakes. On the cake served on a glass pedestal with a lid, we place a tiny plastic doll that looks like a mini Barbie. She is so cute and is on a plastic stick but to the waist only. She fits sweetly in the center of the cake. She is TOPLESS. Why? We try to encourage women to get mammograms and to take care of the skin on their breasts. We also remind them to get regular skin checkups for skin cancer on the breast a rare and deadly disease.

*Note: no one is offended and women love it”. It is real and so is the disease.  However, you do what works for you. This idea is just a unique one we are doing and getting rave reviews.

  • Next, in this area we have mini postcards I wrote and created with Skin SUN smart Tips and another with Breast Health and cancer tips.

  • We sell and feature all PINK products: makeup brushes, bath and body sets, candles, scarves and jewelry with the infamous pink ribbon cause emblem.

  • We offer: Chest and Breast treatments. Rose scented delights by BioJouvance. Our clients love them. It is not only about looking 10 years younger on the face it is about the rest of the body tissue too! I personally always tell my clients “The skin is the house we live in.”

Remember we need to continue to help our clients not only look good outside but also feel good inside and take better care of themselves. The breast and chest is another focal point we need to nurture all year long not only when October comes around.

I love to add a touch of fun, whimsy and bring a smile on our clients face. I enjoy cooking and entertaining. If you would like to share an idea on what you do too, it would be such a delight to hear from you!

In addition, this month is Down Syndrome Awareness month. My regular clients know my twin brother was born with DS. A portion of the proceeds of our luscious Lipstain Lipstick goes to various organizations for people with Downs. They love this cause and new clients learn about it and love us for it too! Beautiful lipstick…Beautiful cause! We both win!