Three Easy Ways to Get Your Spa Business Booming

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Running your own business can be rewarding and taxing all at the same time, and with more than half a million new businesses launching every month, learning what makes yours unique while showcasing it for the world is key. Today’s competition is fierce, so establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage is vital. If your spa is feeling stagnant, here are three ways to recharge your business and get it booming. 

Maximize on Customer Connections

Client connections are the lifeline of any business, which means you need to do more than just provide a service. You need to connect with clients personally. In fact, a recent Harvard Business Review study found that emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers. This means they are more likely to buy more products and service, schedule more appointments, exhibit less price sensitivity, and recommend you to others. 

If you’re not sure how to maximize these customer connections, start by doing the following: 

  • Build a personal brand: Customers don’t want to work with strangers, but with people they feel comfortable around and know. To bridge the gap, you want to set up various outlets that promote your personal brand. This can be as easy as setting up an “About You” page on your website or building out personal social media pages that highlight fun facts and interests. Doing so will help make a stronger connection with loyal and new customers. 
  • Create an online community: Build an online community for your clients through a Facebook group. This is a great way to directly engage with customers by asking them questions, having discussions relevant to the spa industry, and keeping them updated on various deals and specials.
  • Host an event: Events are a great way to network with new customers and build upon already existing relationships. When hosting an event, make sure it’s not positioned solely around getting gusts to buy a product or service. It should be about providing value through the event. Customers want experiences, so ensure the event offers something that guests can’t get while visiting your spa during normal business hours such as special speakers, product demos, expert sessions, training programs and more. 

Invest in Technology

As we all know, time is precious. To save time in the business world, try investing in technology that helps automate daily tasks so you can get back to doing what you do best—making clients feel and look beautiful. 

This type of technology doesn’t have to be confusing and expensive, and fortunately there are many comprehensive technologies available today that can handle all aspects of a business, like point-of-sale, inventory, marketing, online scheduling and booking, credit card processing, and so much more to help your business boom. With more time at your disposal, you’re able to focus more on client interactions. 

Get Social

Meet clients where they are daily—on social media. Promote your spa as well as engage in social marketing strategies to help gain new clients and bring greater brand awareness. Share exciting news about spa updates, new products, and more. Since your clients are online, they will likely want the convenience and ease of booking services online. Be sure to embed your booking link on your social media profile, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or another site. 

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