Three Things You Need to Know About Spa Retail

Retail is an important part of a successful, profitable spa.

According to Patti Biro, owner and founder of Patti Biro and Associates, retail is one of the biggest missed opportunities in the spa industry. We agree that retail plays a big role in the success of your spa, so we hosted Millennium Systems International’s Irena Mena and Colleen Lemos along with Biro for a Facebook Live video during IECSC New York and IBS New York this last weekend to learn more about best practices in spa retail. In our live video below, she shares three quick ways spas can take advantage of retail opportunities.

Biro also led a class at the show on the five hot trends in the modern medical spa, and if you missed her she’ll be back at Millennium Systems International’s upcoming event, The Millennium Experience 2017 for more great insights on retail strategies and maximizing gift cards. June 11 to 13, beauty and wellness industry professionals will gather in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event will consist of inspirational speakers aimed to celebrate the future of the industry and encourage attendees to reach new heights. Attendees will also learn to speak the language of growth and how to transform their business into a successful, cutting-edge salon or spa. Learn more and register for The Millennium Experience here.

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