Top 5 Picks for New Sales Possibilities

1.    Advertise your Spa as "The Corporate/CEO's Spa".  Become the "reward" for corporate employees.   Sell blocks of services and retail gift items to chosen companies for distribution to their employees throughout the year.  Offer Gift Cards or Certificates to targeted corporate clients and suggest they insert them into pay checks, lockers, cards, etc.  And make it irresistible.

2.    Become known as the "Lunch Hour Getaway" offer express marketing - multi-technician treatments - efficiency - not speed - better use of everyone's time - what a great gift idea - encourages regular clients to come in more often.

3.    Become "The Wedding Spa" — Cater to the full Bridal Party - become a Bridal Gift Registry Store - hook up with the best photographer; florist; limousine and bridal shop and offer turnkey services.

 4.   Market your spa as "The Makeover Spa".  If you have hair services, you can give away full makeovers in draws; run contests with your frequent buyers; gather publicity by giving away makeovers on radio and TV for community events. 

5.   Become a "Mail Order destination Spa".  Market your Spa with a mail/phone order program for customer convenience.  Offer free delivery, or simply have the order ready for pickup, with the bill already processed.  AND - Offer free, on the spot, gorgeous gift-wrapping services for all purchases — WOW!

By Leslie Lyon, CEO Spas2B