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With increased technology use, the rising levels of pollutants, and more and more people living in urban areas, the sensitizing and aging effects of modern lifestyles are becoming unavoidable. According to Irena James, vice president of product development for YG Laboratories and cofounder of CelleClé Skincare, technology, pollution, and environmental stress factors are frequent contributors to clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and pigmented spots that make us look older than our chronological age.

Modern ingredient technologies are being developed to help fight these skin sabotagers and increasing numbers of savvy spa-goers are already searching for anti-pollution skin savers online. Detoxifying urban pollution, car exhaust particles, smoke, heavy metals, and particulate matters with cleansers and masks designed to deeply cleanse embedded micro-pollutants from the pores are some of the most attractive claims to the urban dweller, whose skin is faced with these challenges daily. Many recent studies show that women in big cities are becoming increasingly concerned with dust, air pollution, and radiation as causes of skin dullness, breakouts, dryness, aging, and enlarged pores. This explains why multifunctional treatment moisturizers incorporating natural, breathable, and skin-hugging films that reduce carbon particle accumulation on the skin’s surface, while shielding reactive and sensitive skin from environmental aging are gaining worldwide momentum throughout the skincare industry.

Tech-neck, “text neck,” and high energy visible light (HEV) aging are being addressed with a myriad of new ingredient technologies designed to address skin laxity caused by the repetitive motion of looking down at our mobile devices, which is compounded by the damaging HEV blue light emitted from our devices. 


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Introducing some of these niche anti-pollution skin protectors, detoxifiers, and barrier-boosters will make your retail offering more attractive to one of the fastest growing skincare demographics.