Valentine's Day - Spread The Love on FaceBook

Is it business as usual on Valentine's Day? No way! This is the perfect holiday to "spread the love." Here are 5 easy ideas to implement this Valentine's Day at your front desk. Each of these ideas will take 15 minutes

  1. Print out labels with your FaceBook address on it, attach these to little bags of Dove Chocolates. Why Dove Chocolates? Because they have inspirational messages in them and they taste great. Remember the chocolates you give out reflect your business, you can NOT give out bad chocolates! The goal is to send your clients off with a "sweet note" that helps build your community.

  2. Post a Status update on FaceBook - Keep it positive! Search on Google for Great Love Quotes and Post one that reflects your unique personality. Make sure you give credit to the source (author of the quote)!

  3. Send a message to your FaceBook (From your Business Page, Click Edit Page, Then Marketing, then Send Update). This is an easy and gentle way to touch your network. Remember to keep your message personal, be real!!!

  4. Are you feeling a little more aggressive (in the marketing sense) today? Start taking pictures and post them to your business Page all day long! Put Love Quotes in the captions. Is taking and posting one picture tough for you? Then get a group shot of your staff and post that. Maybe even have everybody blowing kisses at the camera! Group shots are great! You can have people tag themselves in the pictures and your Page will be exposed to a larger audience.

  5. Talk to your staff - ask them about their "love stories." Blog about their stories (yes literally spread the love). Don't have a Blog? Use NOTES on FaceBook, this is like a Blog, just on FaceBook. Make sure you tag your staff so their stories are shared (as is your Business Page) with their friends.

Whatever you do, remember it is Valentine's Day and Spread The Love on FaceBook.