Waxing Poetic

Based in Aventura, FL, European Wax Center began franchising in 2007. With the goal of providing guests with the ultimate wax experience, each location has five or six Wax Suites and employs 10 to 15 wax specialists. The centers feature a reception area staffed by a guest service team member and a retail area showcasing a variety of European Wax Center’s line of waxing-related products. “European Wax Center has posted revenue gains of 3,024 percent since 2008 and has gone from a small family-owned business to a national franchise with 150 locations and nearly 300 franchise agreements,” says co-founder and CEO David Coba. “The company was named the number-one fastest growing privately owned franchise in America by Inc. magazine.” Here, Coba shares how the company is transforming the way people think about hair removal. 


How has European Wax Center continued to succeed in these trying times?

A. Hair removal is something that is a non-negotiable in our guests’ beauty routines. While some people may cut back on other spa services like haircuts or nail services, hair removal is viewed as essential. By providing affordable, convenient, efficient, comfortable, and healthy hair removal services to our guests, the company has been able to grow.


Why do you think European Wax Center has been able to succeed
where other spa franchises have failed?

A. European Wax Center provides every guest with the ultimate wax experience and supports every franchisee with the best systems, structure, organization, education, and technology in the industry.


How do you attract new and repeat clients and encourage them to visit?

A. European Wax Center launches each center with a Premiere Week, which allows every guest who registers in the reservation system to receive free waxing services. This enables the company to perfect its systems and service, thus ensuring each center that opens its doors is delivering on the promise of providing the ultimate wax experience. The company also offers a free wax service to all first time guests to encourage trial. Women receive a free bikini, brow, or underarm service, and men can try the nose, brow, or ear wax service.
 Regular clients can take advantage of the company’s referral program, unlimited wax pass, prepaid wax pass, and platinum rewards program, which lets them earn reward points for online booking, guest referrals, retail purchases, and more.


How do you use digital marketing and social media to boost business?

A. Nearly every European Wax Center has a Facebook page and a Twitter account that is used to connect with local clients and businesses. These social media outlets allow us to bring attention to our promotions, Free Wax Offer, and more while localizing our message.


What steps and cost-cutting measures did you employ to offset the recession?

A. By using an online university to train and promote team members, European Wax Center is able to minimize the cost of training while maximizing employee productivity. The company’s emphasis on structure and organization ensures that all processes are streamlined to eliminate wasted effort and consistently provide the ultimate wax experience.


How do you address staff turnover and attract qualified professionals?

A. Minimizing staff turnover is about building and nurturing a solid team whose beliefs, values, and lifestyle of good business align with corporate values. European Wax Center’s win/win/win philosophy, which seeks to benefit the guest, the team members, and the company, has proven positive in attracting and developing career-driven professionals who pride themselves on being part of the European Wax Center family. 


What have you learned from surviving the recent recession, and how do you plan to incorporate those lessons in the future?

A. European Wax Center has been very fortunate during the recent recession and has continued to expand year after year. We continue to grow, because we offer the highest quality products and service at an everyday affordable price point.