What factors do you consider when choosing a product line?

"WE CHECK TO SEE WHERE THE LINE FITS in with our clients' skincare regimes. We look for effectiveness first and other attributes second—no line is worth it if it does not actually work. For example, if it is more of a novelty line, then it may be a great promotional item to go with body treatments like salt and sugar scrubs. If it is a line that would complement or supplement other skincare lines, we try to make certain that it will be applicable to a wide range of skin conditions, because most people have some type of dehydration or other minor skincare concern to be corrected. Finally, it has to fit in with the Honeydew philosophy and atmosphere. Because we work so hard to create our brand, we seek out lines that can support and enhance our Dewlicious concept." —Sekayna Mahon, owner, Honeydew (Charleston, SC)

"AS WE ARE OWNED AND SUPERVISED BY A board certified plastic surgeon, all products must be approved by him. Because our treatments are based on efficacy, his first question about any product is, 'What does it do?' Second, he asks, 'What is the science behind the claim?' Then the staff, the doctor included, tests it on their own skin to assess the product's results. Our clients trust us not to sell fluff, so we take great pride in what we have to offer."—Stacey Yates, director, SkinSpirit (Palo Alto, CA)

"THERE ARE MANY FACTORS I LOOK for when choosing a product line. The main questions I ask are, 'Does it really do what it says it will,' and 'Is there a value in it for my guests?' I would like the line to be unique and not overplayed in the marketplace. I also look for a company that supports us with exceptional customer service, promotions, and training."—Monique Michaud, spa director, SpaTerre at Grove Isle Club and Resort (Coconut Grove, FL)


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"WE LOOK FOR WHAT WE CALL universal products that can be used effectively on most skin types and products that can be cross-pollinated with other lines we already carry. While we constantly seek out highly effective products, we avoid at-home products that are too aggressive and can throw off the pH balance of the skin. We also consider the product's ease of use and if its ingredients will complement existing skincare routines in the event clients wish to augment their regimen with one or two products from a new line. It's more cost-effective for clients and helps build a good rapport when they realize you're not trying to sell them an entire line but rather picking and choosing products that will blend with their existing routines if it's working for them."—Tina K., co-owner, Belle Visage Day Spa (Studio City, CA)