What Role is Everyone Playing

Are you always saying “I do NOT have enough time to do everything that needs to be done" or “I feel OVERWHELMED” or “I can’t seem to PRIORITIZE”?  Do these challenges sound familiar to you? If so, you need to identify where you are spending your time and what role is everyone playing.

Try this for a one week period, make note of every task you do – whether you are in meetings, training, interviewing, marketing, etc.  Any time you do something, write it down or capture it on an electronic list. You are going to be amazed…try it!
Whether your position is Spa Director, Spa Manager, or Spa Owner, you need to be clear about the importance of your role and everyone else’s role.
Do you have clear and detailed position descriptions for each role within the spa?  If not, you need to have them and make sure everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are; yes, including you!
Here are some quick tips to help you manage your time better:
Close your door. Stop practicing the open door management method.
Stream-line your paperwork or hire a personal assistant.
Hire a space organizer to help you develop good systems to follow.
Stop crisis management and begin planning instead.  This way, you will stay ahead of the curve.
Empower your team to solve their own problems.
Know the difference between urgent and non-urgent, important and not important.
Prioritize and Manage Your Task List and Practice ADD.
1. Automate
2. Delegate
3.  Delete
Maintain a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly To-Do List
This practice will help you stay on track. Remember the Franklin planner? Well, now we all have smart phones with calendars that synchronize into our outlook or other programs.  Use them, they will make your life a lot easier!
Remember, people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.  Begin your monthly planning and you will be a lot more productive and will reach your goals a lot faster. Speaking of GOALS… We have a New Year Gift for you!
We conducted a call on how to Set Goals and Design Action Plans, it was part of the CoachMe Silver membership program.  We had hundreds of people attend who loved it!
We have decided to share it with you, so you can plan your 2012 success too! Enjoy!
Listen NOW and make your goals a reality!