What’s on Your Menu?


Building relationships and creating authentic experiences are integral to success in the spa industry. Today’s clients are looking for more than just expert advice on skin- and bodycare, they are searching for the latest technology to achieve the results they desire. The diversity of your services not only sets you apart from the competition, but it can also attract new clients. That being said, if your spa menu has not been updated in a while, there’s a chance it’s becoming stagnant and a change is needed.

Would you consider your spa to be trendy, timeless, or a combination of both? Management teams may ask themselves this question when a little bit of a revamp is in order. A trendy spa changes up their service menu often. Offering the latest and greatest services is important to them because that’s what they're recognized for. A timeless spa may not drastically change their treatments regularly, but the introduction of something new can create quite the buzz within their business. Many spas consider themselves to be a hybrid because they offer the tried and true spa services with a few unique services sprinkled in.

Always begin with your clients’ needs in mind when you start looking at new treatments to offer. If you’re in a resort setting and you see mostly transient guests, it will be imperative that you offer services that provide instant results. A day spa that has a high concentration of return guests may elect to offer services that guests can purchase in packages in addition to those that provide immediate results.

Look at your menu as one of the sales tools in your arsenal! Its function is to inform clients about your business, as well as what is available. It should guide them to create their ideal combination of services at your spa and it should also be able to close a sale all by itself. Offering a variety of services is important and selecting the right services for your clientele is crucial to your success. Is there something on your menu for those looking to achieve wellness benefits or relieve pain? What about those simply wanting to enjoy a spa day to beautify, escape, or relax?

Take this into consideration when you are deciding on a new service or bringing in new equipment. Offering enticing treatments means you have the opportunity to increase revenue, wow your clientele, and gain more loyal guests in the long run.