Wright's Bright Lights: Three Social Media Stars from IBE'S Jillian Wright

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If anyone knows the indie beauty market, it's Jillian Wright, cofounder of the Indie Beauty Expo and Indie Beauty Media Group. Wright has tapped into the social media market herself, building her Indie Beauty brand as well as her skincare line, Jillian Wright Skincare. But who does Wright grab inspiration from? Here are three social media accounts that she claims are not to be missed.

"Mahalo Care does a fantastic job. When you look at the company’s social, it's not so much about some face oil, they are offering an experience—a piece of Hawaii. The execution is basically flawless, and it's authentic. Not some greenwashed brand with an exotic name and palm trees on the packaging, they really are made in Hawaii with Hawaiian botanicals. www.mahalo.com."

"Leahlani Skincare is another Hawaiian skincare brand that engages with its audience and is built on social communication. www.leahlaniskincare.com."

"Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care is totally transparent, authentic, and engages with its audience. www.joshrosebrook.com."

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