Does CBD Work? This New Website Will Help You Figure It Out

CBD wants to create a transparent community regarding CBD usage. // Photo via Getty Images

Does CBD work? This is the question that has been on the minds of any wellness consumer for the past few years. American Spa first predicted the trend back in the 2016 Trend Report, though it’s no secret that CBD has exploded into the wellness scene since then. In an attempt to finally set the record straight, a new website—aptly named—is combining real medical research and crowdsourced user reports to help develop a concrete answer to the never-ending question: does CBD work?

The site has an ambitious goal of gathering more than one million real life field reports before 2020. The website asks visitors if they have already tried CBD, and if they have to compare their experience with the website’s findings. The site has curated over 400 scientific articles on CBD, making it easy for site users to compare their experience to one of the professional studies. Eventually, DidCBDWork will have a database of scores and experiences for each individual condition, which will be made public for transparency and helpfulness for the site users.

To encourage participation and cultivate the user experiences, the website is rewarding the best user reviews of each month by offering free CBD to users who enjoyed their experience and Amazon vouchers to those who didn’t. The site is also currently looking to expand its partnerships with bloggers or influencers who may be suffering with a long-term condition and have tried—or didn’t want to try—CBD to combat symptoms, in hopes to connect them with online communities of people who suffer from individual conditions and canvas their experiences with CBD so far.


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DidCBDWork focuses on a number of individual conditions which are each hosted on its own dedicated page. Here users can find out what the latest medical research states about the effectiveness of CBD for that particular condition and compare it with the benefits claimed by the marketers of CBD products, in addition to the user-provided testimonials.

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