Life Elements Launches New CBD Bath Salts

Photo Credit: Life Elements (Life Elements)

Life Elements has new bath salts with organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and magnesium flakes. The salts are made with magnesium chloride which is less toxic to human tissue and easily absorbed to provide relief from muscle soreness, joint pain, migraines, period cramps, and skin conditions. The products also have colloidal oatmeal to help calm dry, scaly, itchy, skin and bioavailable natural essential oils are water soluble for effective body absorption with aromatherapy properties to reduce anxiety, headaches and support sleep. The products are vegan, cruelty free, and come in a compostable bag. There are 3 CBD strengths for each product: 200mg, 250mg, and 300mg CBD per single-use bag.

Products range from $18-$24 and include: 

Recovery CBD Bath Salts: For relief from aches, pain, soreness, or stress, made with essential oils to reduce muscle tension. 

Lunar CBD Bath Salts: Made for moon bathing rituals and intention-setting, with a blend of essential oils to promote deep meditation and relaxation. 

Period CBD Bath Salts: Formulated with uplifting scents of citrus to elevate moods, and soothing ingredients to alleviate cramps. 

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