Feeling a bit different lately? We moved our clocks ahead last weekend; spring has sprung according to the calendar (though maybe not if you live on the East Coast of the US, where the snow has been hitting hard this past week). And we're in the middle of a serious, deadly, full-blown war for the first time in decades. Are you burned out on hearing about the war? Getting allergic to CNN? Do you get home from work with a little more daylight, and the time and desire to get out and move in the fresh air? Well, why not try something new?

Give yourself permission to think a little... wild... this month. Next time you've got a mild spring afternoon with a half-hour or more to spare, why don't you grab a notebook and pen, and sneak out to an outdoor café, or a local park, or even your backyard — and do a little brainstorming about your spa business.

Want some ideas to get you started? Here are a few things to contemplate, as you breathe in the soft spring air:

** What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

** What is one new marketing tactic you could try in your business this month, that would cost no more than $50?

** Who are three local businesses you could partner with between now and summer? What could you do together?

**How could you get your business written about in the local newspaper?

Take your time, and just let some random ideas flow through your mind and out onto the paper. There's no such thing as a silly idea — in fact, go for the loopiest, most absurd ideas you can come up with. (Sometimes it's the really crazy ideas that prompt the profitable and practical ones.)

Remember — in the midst of our hectic, deadline-driven business lives, it's vitally important to stop, stretch, breathe deeply, and reconnect with your reasons for being in the spa business to begin with. If you're here to help people feel better — figure out new ways you can do that. What were your original reasons for working in this industry? Reconnect with those — and try to think of a few ways you can do some completely fresh and new things to get you more solidly on your path to success.