Fitness Is a Top Resolution for Americans in 2021, Survey Says

Ninety-one percent of Americans with a 2021 New Year’s resolutions made one related to fitness, according to a survey released by Planet Fitness, Hampton, New Hampshire. The survey of 1,003 American adults was conducted by Kelton Global.  

Eighty-four percent of those surveyed said they were making a 2021 resolution.

For those making a resolution related to fitness, the reasons for doing so were as follows:

  • To be healthier (72 percent)
  • To feel better about themselves (61 percent)
  • To reduce stress (54 percent)
  • To look better (53 percent)
  • To make positive changes in their lives (53 percent).

Fifty-four percent of those with a health and wellness resolution would like to stick with a fitness routine, even if it's just exercising a few minutes per day to help improve their health and wellness.

One in two of people with a health and wellness resolution are making one specifically about balancing their physical and mental health needs.