HealthyLine is the world’s leading provider of heated natural gemstone mats. Products include a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and high-quality natural materials to provide the best possible natural gemstones and far infrared heat therapy, PEMF therapy and photon light therapy with the aim of temporarily relieving pain, increasing relaxation and improving overall wellness.

Featured Products

Cocoon Mat

Cocoon-Mat™ TAJ&SOFT Full Pro PLUS 7428 - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro®

Innovation in our gemstone technology that gives you exposure to the most comprehensive full-body experience to date with an all-encompassing 360° deep penetrating experience.

Platinum Mat

Platinum-Mat™ Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro®

With the most advanced gemstone heat therapy series you can stimulate your body by the billions of combinations available with the new PEMF programming controller.

Charkra Mat

Chakra-Mat™ Large 7632 Firm – PEMF Inframat Pro® Rainbow Mat with Chakra Symbols

The Next Generation of the World Class Rainbow Mat is Here. Bringing balance and clarity to your chakras unlocks your wellness potential.

Three Layer Facemask

Face Mask Individually Packed (Pack of 100 Pcs)

Three Layers Blue Face Mask or Five Layers White Face Mask.