Nacach Wax

Dedicated to providing professionals with the highest quality hair removal products

Nacach Wax is a hair removal company that is family owned and has been operated since 1987. We are exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of hair removal waxing products and the distribution of innovative depilatory hair removal wax systems. We are widely recognized for our collections, which provide the best hair removal hair removal wax products for spas, salons, and estheticians.

Featured Products

Blue Wax

Ocean Blue Hard Wax

A Nacach Wax, the Ocean Blue Hard Wax is formulated with pure beeswax and a fragrant scent.

Rice Cream

Rice Cream Depilatory Wax

Our Rice Cream Soft Wax is made with the finest hypoallergenic resins and enriched with zinc oxide.

Aloe Gel

Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax

Our Aloe Gel Soft Wax is made with high-quality hypoallergenic resins and natural aloe extracts.

Green Wax

Jasmin Green Wax

Specially formulated to provide your clients with a gentle and pleasant waxing experience.