NeurotriS Advanced Micro current Science for Anti aging

NeurotriS manufacturers the best face & body micro current machines. Our award winning body device provides inch loss, skin tightening and muscle building while our face machine delivers incredible anti-aging results minimizing fine lines & wrinkles & lifts facial muscles. With 3 different machines to choose from Neurotris makes it easy for you to offer the best treatment to your clients.

Featured Products

Pic 4500

SX4500 All in One Face and Body Machine

Do face & body treatments at the same time or separately. This machine gets amazing results for body contouring & antiaging.

Pic 3800

SX3800 4 channels Face system

The first & only 4 channel micro current device on the market. Get greater results faster with our SX3800.

Pico Wave


This single channel system has Automode programs making it simple to use and perfect for those new to microcurrent.



Full line of face and body machine for every budget.