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German Beauty Engineering

Skin Accents is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of Germany's inspira: cosmetics GmbH

inspira: skinaccents (Upgrades / Add-On Treatments)

inspira: absolue (Anti-Pollution / Anti-Age)

inspira: med (Hybrid Blend of Medical and Cosmetics)

Featured Products

Fotolia Frau Mask

inspira: skinaccents

Treatment Enhancement Products - Upgrades & Add-On Products

inspira: absolue

inspira: absolue

Alpine Anti-Pollution / Anti-Aging Line (Paraben Free)

inspira: med

inspira: med

Medical line featuring advanced fruit acids, Epidermal Growth Factors, Copper Peptides, Moss Stem Cells, Vit C Pearls

Age Reboot Serum

inspira: med Age Reboot Serum

Reactivates skin's youthfulness with Moss Stem Cells, Triple Hyaluronic Acids & an Epidermal Growth-Factor