TAMA Research

More than microcurrent, Smart microcurrent system

At TAMA we believe that beauty is a frequency—Our devices connect you to its power using the body’s own natural electrical and magnetic currents! Activating the body’s natural electrical current and magnetic properties, TAMA BlueOnyxTM subsensory stimulation DETOXIFIES, LIFTS, TONES, INFUSES the skin and facial tissues, in 20 min with no down time and no sun sensitivity! BlueOnyxTM was voted Favorite Microcurrent Machine in Dermascope's 2019 & 2020 Aestheticians' Choice Awards.

Featured Products

Pro System

TAMA BlueOnyx Pro

The foundation of all TAMA devices, accompanied by a TAMA Tablet that guides every step of the facial treatment.

Pro System

TAMA BlueOnyx Quad

Adds versatility and flexible treatment options. Also offers the addition of the Dermal Wave modality.