VitaJuwel USA

World's Finest Crystal Water Drinkware

Since 2007, VitaJuwel motivates people around the world in drinking more healthy and pure water. With headquarters in California and Southern Germany, VitaJuwel provides premium glassware with carefully selected, holistic gemstone blends to breath life into the water you drink. Naturally and hygienically. 

Featured Products

Crystal Water Bottle

ViA Crystal Water Bottle

The Original Crystal Water Bottle features a patented, exchangeable GemPod filled with precious gems. 

Water Bottle

inu! Crystal Water Bottle

Our versatile, DYI glass bottle to fill and change crystals at any time and a sacred flower of life symbol.

Water Set

Era - Crystal Water Set for Home

Includes a hand-crafted glass vial with a holistic crystal blend and a state-of the art decanter. 

Crystal Water Dispenser

Grande - Crystal Water Dispenser

Crystal Water on a grand scale. A 2-gallon decanter with stainless steel lid, stand & Gemstone Vial.