Coyle Hospitality Group Launches 'Peak Performances Module: Interactive Online Tool Helps Hype Hospitality Heroes'

Coyle Hospitality Group

Coyle Hospitality Group (CHG) has announced the successful launch and implementation of Peak Performances, an interactive online tool that allows hoteliers, spa directors and restaurateurs to identify, cull, and share Best Practices with their entire team; all with just a few mouse clicks.

Simple to use, Peak Performance enables managers to promote teamwork and share heroic stories of outstanding performance. An excellent guest comment card, client letter, or memorable event is instantly memorialized and communicated to all stakeholders. Managers to login, post the information, and with one mouse click can disseminate it to every staff member in the field. Management can reference training programs and add context, maximizing the value of the great performance. Most importantly, the archiving tools are dynamic, so the clients' culture is preserved and displayed effectively.

'As we developed Peak Performances, we saw the incredible power of modeling peer performance,' said Jim Coyle who developed the program in partnership with several domestic and international clients. 'When staff can see real-life examples of how their colleagues execute the company's service credo, it not only resonates, it truly inspires the reader to contribute.'

The capabilities of Peak Performances are as broad as the client's imagination. A few examples of current implementations: Any time a new staff member is hired, the hiring manager prints out all the Peak Performances instances for that position, and the staff member can see the actual behaviors of the top performers in the company. Another example is when CHG completes a round of mystery shops, clients identify the model disciplines and publish them companywide. For instance, one client asked that CHG test a specific 'hot-button' situation at their newly outsourced call center. One agent's performance wrote the company's Best Practice for handling this type of inquiry, and all other staff members could read the story in their email the next morning. Other clients are linking the Peak Performances module to their training software and company intranet.

Jim Coyle's primary goal in developing Peak Performances was to capture the value of 'the story' that is part and parcel of every great service encounter. 'Cultures since the beginning of time have passed on knowledge through legend and story telling,' said Jim Coyle. 'We saw that these examples of wonderful staff performance was often filed away and not shared with everyone. Peak Performances not only ensures that the stories of heroic service are told, but that the stories are properly passed down to the next generation of new hires and management for their benefit.'

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