Crash Course in PR w/ Best Seller, Guerrilla Publicity

You have a private invitation to a powerful webinar with best selling national author, Jill Lublin, June 23rd, at 4pm PST. Jill has authored 'Guerrilla Publicity' and 'Networking Magic'. Her new book, 'Get Noticed, Get Referrals' will be out soon, and you will have the chance to receive the latest tips & have questions answered in a live seminar format directly with Jill. Hosted by Liz Galloway of Lotus Effects, this conversation with an expert, will discuss key areas to understanding how to receive the attention you need in your market, get fresh ideas, create opportunities & understand how publicity is able to work for you.

Jill charges thousands of dollars for her strategic services and what she can teach you. We have her for a whole 60 minutes for $39 during our webinar. Register now at, under what else but MEDIA. We are among the first to interview her prior to her next book launch of the same title, 'Get Noticed, Get Referrals', so come with your questions and sign up now.

The book explains how to create an effective sound bite and memorable introductory. It then coaches readers on how to convey a consistent 'brag message' that can be used to produce connections when following up or obtaining a new client. This webinar promises to expand your marketing tool box, and create a surge in attention. 'I have used Guerrilla Publicity tips many times in my business, gaining access to media connections and finding new routes for my business. It's like gold!' 'You'll want the information Jill has', says webinar host and Lotus Effects founder, Liz Galloway. Join us on June 23rd!

Jill Lublin is the author of two national best selling books, she is also a renowned strategist and international speaker. As the CEO of the strategic consulting firm, Promising Promotion, Jill has created successful techniques that implement bottom line results. Her new book is available June 2008. Get Noticed...Get Referrals: Build your client base & your business by making a name for yourself by Jill Lublin; McGraw-Hill; Publication data: June 2008; Price $16.95; Original trade paperback; ISBN 10: 0-07-150827- 9/13:978-0-07-150827-8.

Jill is the founder of Goodnews Media, Inc, a company specializing in positive news. She is currently the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, 'do the dream', where she interviews celebrities who have achieved their dreams. Jill has recently been featured in the New York Times, Woman's Day, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on ABC, NBC, CBS Radio, and TV National Affiliates.

Lotus Effects & Spa College International was founded by Liz Galloway. Liz Galloway is an international professional wellness advisor, speaker and spa industry trainer. With locations and teams in both the US and Costa Rica, she continues to provide precision seminars, workshops and business solutions for spa start-up's and turn arounds, along with bringing new levels of training options to the healing arts industry. In addition to running her business she shares her experience in teaching spa courses, image, management, well being, personal growth, and empowerment for industry and other consumer audiences. She has also been recently featured in Spa Opportunities Magazine and Start Me Up TV.

Join us on June 23rd, go to to sign up today, for a difference in your business!

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