DermaMed Solutions Launches Ten Week Skin Challenge

DermaMed Solutions is pleased to announce The Healthy Skin Challenge. For ten weeks, the company will offer informative articles on nutrition and healthy skin, tips, and recipes for participants to adopt a healthy habit, which supports healthy skin. Each week’s challenge is posted on DermaMed Solutions’ blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. Participants are invited to join the challenge at any time during the ten weeks, and are encouraged to share their progress, post photos, and status updates on social media referencing #HealthySkinChallenge. “We all know change is hard,” says vice president and certified nutrition specialist Ginger Hodulik. “By breaking down the necessary lifestyle changes into small steps in the form of weekly challenges, the achievement of an overall healthy lifestyle is easier to attain. Human connection is also a powerful motivator. It is easier to make healthy changes when our lives are intertwined, as opposed to in a vacuum.”