Breakfast will never be the same! This month ASANA SPA®, a professional division within BODY BISTRO® that works with spas and salons globally to develop unique and holistic customized Ayurvedic treatments for the face and body, introduces the French Toast Facial, a 50-minute professional treatment that blends Ancient Ayurvedic methods with a culinary Breakfast Classic to revitalize, balance, refine, soften and illuminate the skin like never before.

The French Toast Facial combines ancient Ayurvedic healing rituals and Himalayan herbs and spices with a wholesome, natural and extremely beneficial facial mask inspired by ingredients commonly used to make French Toast.

"The French Toast Facial Masque is a holistic treatment in every sense—not only is every single ingredient beneficial for the skin, but its texture and delicious aroma mentally transport you the comfort and decadence of breakfasts past", explains Carina Chatlani, Founder and President of Body Bistro and Asana Spa.

The French Toast Facial Masque is a 12-step professional facial treatment containing a blend of fresh organic milk, whole egg , whole grain bread blended together with four additional proprietary Asana Spa formulas created exclusively for use in this facial:

? Asana Spa Fresh Maple Syrup, which naturally hydrates the skin, imparting a natural glow and youthful dewiness.

? Asana Spa Turmeric Herbal Blend, an exclusive blend of organic herbs that works in harmony to detoxify the skin, dramatically boost radiance and further exfoliate dead dulling skin cells.

? Asana Spa Clove Herbal Blend, an exclusive blend of organic herbs that provides intensive restorative and purifying benefits to the skin, helping heal visible blemishes while preventing new ones from forming.

? Asana Spa Maple Syrup Aroma Blend creates a delicious and comforting aroma-sensory for the mind and spirit.

The Asana Spa by Body Bistro French Toast Facial will be available at select spas in the U.S., Canada, Singapore and Chile beginning in January 06. For more information on the treatment, please visit www.asanaspa.com or call 1-818-789-2020 ext 101

About ASANA SPA by Body Bistro
Beverly Hills, Calif.-based ASANA SPA is a professional division within BODY BISTRO that works with spas and salons around the world to develop unique and holistic Ayurvedic treatments for the face and body. With good intention...the essence of ASANA SPA is a combination of ancient Vedic beauty rituals and remedies. The products contain the highest form of unprocessed botanicals and have been formulated using state-of-the-art technology.

ASANA SPA has gathered the wisdom and ingredients from the Village Pharmacy - fresh herbal extracts in their least processed form whose origins lie in Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and India. These extracts are then blended with indigenous ingredients from authentic rituals. The products have been produced according to the bylaws of the ancient science of Ayurveda and combined with additional functional ingredients found in nature. With good intention, these products will help to purify, balance and nurture.

Ayurveda, formed from two Sanskrit words, 'Ayur' ~ meaning longevity and 'Vedas' ~ meaning knowledge, which literally means... "Knowledge of Longevity"