Encourage Your Clients to Take the Wellness Week Pledge

SpaFinder's Wellness Week is quickly approaching—it takes place March 19-25 around the country. But this weeklong celebration offers more than just discounted spa services. it also presents wellness seekers with an exciting challenge to help them reach their health goals. The Wellness Week Pledge provides seven simple steps that, if embraced by spa-goers and wellness seekers, will make great strides in helping them do more, make themselves a priority, stay healthy, and live a longer, more vibrant and meaningful life. Even if your spa isn't offering Wellness Week specials, I think these seven steps are a wonderful way to help your guests garner well-rounded wellness, and I encourage you to pass along this mantra:

I pledge to...

  • Change my breakfast
  • Choose to move
  • Hydrate
  • Connect with nature
  • Make my sleep a priority
  • Embrace the power of touch
  • Give myself the gift of silence

Click here to download the pledge booklet that provides strategies for achieving each of the pledge goals. Also, be sure to listen to a special message from Wellness Week spokesperson Mariel Hemingway about the pledge and learn about this exciting week of deals on spa, exercise, nutrition, and stress-management.