Secrets from the Treatment Room: Sleeping Beauty

Photo Credit: Minerva Studio/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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“Every detail of the massage rooms in our spa is specifically designed to make sure our guests feel comfortable and encourage them to rest. From the furniture and the colors on the walls to the exotic-scented fragrances and relaxing melodies; all are intended to engage the senses of our guests and give them a dream-like experience. Imagine my surprise when I got an emergency call asking me to immediately report to one of the massage rooms. As I hurried down the quiet corridor, I told my colleagues to be ready to take emergency action. When I entered the room, everything looked normal. A guest was sleeping like a baby on the massage table. As if hearing my inner voice, the therapist responded by saying with a smile, ‘This is our emergency.’ It turns out the therapist was unable to wake him despite several attempts. Of course, another massage was scheduled to begin in the room in two minutes. To free up the room, my colleagues and I ended up quietly carrying our guest—still sound asleep—and the massage table into the corridor without waking our big baby up.”—Belgin Aksoy, owner of Richmond Nua-Wellness Spa (Sapanca, Turkey) and founder of Global Wellness Day