Why the Pros are Incorporating Texture-Changing Products Into Their Spas

Texture-changing ingredients are all the rage in spas. // Photo credit: barmalini/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Spas are constantly looking for ways to enhance a guest’s experience, and texture-changing products add a fun element that also produces great results. Still not convinced? Here, our experts respond to questions about why these products may be a perfect match for your spa.

What makes texture-changing products captivating to spa-goers? 

“Consumers are always looking for new, innovative products to try or a new and exciting spa treatment they haven’t experienced, but they’re also concerned with saving time and not adding too many steps to their existing skincare rituals.” —Sara LaBree Baldwin, education manager, North America, Jurlique International

Why are texture-changing products often considered fresher than other products?

“They are wonderful for spa treatments, because they can be mixed together just before application, so the ingredients are applied at their freshest and peak-performance level.” —Szilvia Hickman, owner of Szep Elet, exclusive distributor of Ilike Organic Skin Care

What skincare concerns can texture-changing products address and treat? 

“Everyone wants to put their best face forward, and texture-changing products do this. Products designed to change texture affect almost every condition our clients want to treat. Another aspect is the effect texture-changing products have on makeup application—good makeup starts with good skin. When the texture of the skin is rough, makeup can often exacerbate the issue and make the skin look worse, bringing attention to the flaws of the skin and do the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.” —Boldijarre Koronczay, president, Eminence Organic Skin Care

Why is it important to educate clients on the importance of patience? 

“When a product is changing texture from the initial application to its end result, it requires patience. This is particularly important to remind clients of for their homecare systems. Texture-changing products need to go through the entire process to be effective.” —Shannon Esau, director of sales and education, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals

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