80 Percent of Consumers Are Open to Returning to Gyms

More than 80 percent of consumers are open to going back to the gym, according to a survey by UpSwell Marketing.

Sixty percent of those surveyed still prefer to work out at home or outdoors while 40 percent prefer working out at a health club, according to the survey, which was conducted in February of 1,000 people between the ages of 25-54 who exercise at least once per month.

The percentage of consumers who are open to going back is 80.4 percent while 19.6 percent said they would never return to a gym.

COVID-19 concerns are still on the minds of consumers with 22.5 percent of consumers waiting for more people to get the vaccine before deciding if they will return to the gym. Sanitation is one of the deciding factors for choosing which health club to join, according to 46.8 percent of those surveyed, and 26.7 percent of consumers said that extra safety precautions would motivate them to return to the gym.

When it comes to how to get consumers back to the gym, the survey found that the most influential advertising channel is word of mouth (61.8 percent) followed by social media (33.2 percent), Google (24.2 percent), direct mail (14.2 percent) and TV (14.1 percent). Survey respondents could choose multiple answers for this question.  

Twenty-five percent of survey respondents said that a price promotion would get them motivated to return to a gym.

The survey was completed through Survey Monkey’s Survey Panel.