EGYM Partners With Virtuagym

EGYM has partnered with Virtuagym to help harness the power of both companies' open platforms, seamlessly integrating Virtuagym's comprehensive member management software into EGYM's expansive Ecosystem. The integration offers numerous benefits for a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from single clubs to enterprise brands with multiple locations. It will allow gym operators to effortlessly fine-tune their Virtuagym memberships with enhanced EGYM functionalities, effectively transforming them into enticing add-ons for their members. For example, access to EGYM machines can now be easily included as part of the club’s membership add-ons, helping to create additional revenue streams for gym operators through an automated monetization process.

Any add-on that is assigned or adjusted within Virtuagym’s member management software is automatically applied to the user's profile in the EGYM ecosystem, such as granting access to machines or EGYM's advanced training methods via EGYM+. By facilitating seamless connectivity between Virtuagym and EGYM's advanced training system, both companies can effectively address a recurring need expressed by their joint customer base. The time-consuming burden of administrative tasks is dramatically reduced, allowing operators more time to focus on delivering exceptional fitness experiences.

Overall, this partnership between EGYM and Virtuagym provides a more streamlined and convenient solution for gym operators, allowing for greater efficiency and improved member experience. "Our partnership with Virtuagym aligns with our ‘best of breed’ approach, which enables operators to choose the best providers in the market for their specific needs," says Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, CEO of EGYM. "For instance, EGYM’s hard- and software for the training floor, and Virtuagym's membership management software."