F45 Training Holdings Adds 10 New F45 Athletes

F45 Training Holdings Inc. has announced 10 new F45 Athletes who will be featured in F45TV content, on social media, at events and in studios across select regions.
The newest F45 Athletes as well as the region in which they’re based, include:

Nic Wilson (United States)
Jess Bell (United States)
Rilwan Anibaba (Europe)
Steffi Alexander (Europe)
Mariam Allam (Canada)
Alice Evans (Asia Pacific)
Jordi Duff (Asia Pacific)
April Kong (Asia Pacific)
Hoon Choi (Asia Pacific)

John Karpathakis (Middle East)

The newest additions complement existing F45 Athletes part of F45 Training: Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell, adaptive athlete Noah Galloway and recovery expert Cristina Chan.

F45 workouts combine elements of functional workouts and high intensity interval training (HIIT), with members able to complete each of the workouts at their own pace. Thousands of functional movements make the workouts different each time and are a proven concept to help members achieve the best results.