Glen Ivy Hot Springs Completes Four Year Enhancement Project

Playing in the Mud

The 150 year old Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, Calif., has recently completed a four year enhancement of the 11-acre historic spa. Famous for its signature holistic experience, verdant landscape and natural mineral springs, Corona's historic Glen Ivy Hot Springs has provided a therapeutic refuge for generations of Californians.

The makeover includes a complete re-landscaping of the property and massage facility upgrade. Additionally, the resort added a full service restaurant, a saline pool, a red mud clay mineral bath, a terrace with five private cabanas, a poolside bar with pool service, a lounging pool and the famed Grotto -- a unique underground cavern featuring an exclusive steam and body treatment.

Campus Grounds

Glen Ivy is a subtropical paradise featuring majestic palms, cascading bougainvillea, and sparkling waters. The California climate and plentiful water sources allow hundreds of plant species from around the world to thrive. Over 400 trees inhabit the grounds including 20 varieties of palms and cycads. Other prominent plants include lavender, geranium, hibiscus, orchids, fuchsia, wisteria, varieties of citrus, and of course the abundant Strelitzia -- bird of paradise -- Glen Ivy's trademark. The thoughtfully
planned campus has also incorporated and preserved many existing plantings, including two elderly grapefruit trees from the original 1880's grove.

Massage Facilities

With over 60 treatment rooms and 8 manicure/pedicure stations, Glen Ivy offers an array of world class skin and body care services. The relaxation begins with the short walk to one of four massage buildings. The pathways are surrounded by tropical plant life and provide an excellent journey for reflection. Upon arrival at the massage haciendas, a comfortable reflection lounge greets guests at check-in. The subtly lit interiors, soft music and the aromas of Glen Ivy's signature aromatherapy products combine to create a peaceful and memorable respite

Under the Oaks

Under the Oaks is a one-of-a-kind massage facility constructed near the back of the property. The series of nine outdoor massage rooms including a couple's suite are set beneath an ancient majestic oak tree. With an organic appearance the walls made of cedar are anchored by a common back wall with each room offering an impressive cascading water feature.

Cafe Sole

Cafe Sole is an upscale restaurant featuring healthy organic cuisine using seasonal ingredients from local farmer and purveyors. Featuring indoor, patio, and outdoor dining, the Spanish-inspired architecture pays homage to the adobe-style buildings originally built here by the area's first settlers. Café Sole offers an array of California-inspired, fresh delectables such as a selection of field fresh salads, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers.

Sole Terrace

Offering the most expansive views of the 11-acre Glen Ivy facility, Coldwater Canyon and the majestic Santa Ana Mountains, the Sole Terrace offers a reflective respite. The large rooftop sundeck boasts seven private cabanas, lounge chairs and tables. With its panoramic views, the terrace also plays host to several private events and corporate functions.


Glen Ivy boasts 19 stunning pools including a lap pool, two small terrace pools and the Vista Pool offering spectacular views of the grounds. The Lounge Pool offers the epitome of resort living with rafts and a large pool deck complete with chairs, a bar and poolside service. The Saline Pool
helps eliminate edema and detoxify the body. Three all-natural mineral baths provide exceptional purifying benefits. While stress is relieved by the natural heat, the minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body. Used for years to relieve sore muscles and treat the stiffness that accompanies arthritis, the natural waters are also especially rich in silica leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Club Mud

Perhaps the most popular feature of the Glen Ivy experience, Club Mud is an outdoor treatment area highlighting the therapeutic red clay mud mineral bath. Guests soak in the healing waters of the all-natural mineral
spring and then amply apply an all-natural thick red mud to the body. Following the application, guests either can lounge in chairs and let the sun dry the mud or hop into the Wafa, a sauna-like drying room unique only to Glen Ivy. During the drying process the mud detoxifies the body while
absorbing impurities. Guests then can use the outdoor showers to rinse and regenerate.

The Grotto

The Grotto, an underground cavern, plays host to an original treatment using a green moisturizing body mask. Guests take an elevator down to the cave. When the doors open, the dimly lit cave is segmented into three
areas. At the first stop, an attendant applies the signature aloe vera and sea kelp mask to the body. Guests then move to a steam room called the Hydrating Chamber where the mask is soaked deep into the skin's pores.
After the mask is absorbed, guests transition to rinse in a granite, multi-headed shower. The journey commences in the cool mist chamber where guests can enjoy fruit and water.

The last phase of the Glen Ivy enhancement project will conclude in 2008 with the addition of The GreenHouse, an enclosed glass and steel structure housing two new pools. The glass will be specially treated to offer protection from UV rays. The Greenhouse will preserve the lush tropical atmosphere indoors and provide a welcomed respite during poor weather.


Founded in the late 1800's, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the oldest known spa experience in California. Known for its all-natural hot springs and lush landscape, the Glen Ivy signature holistic experience has been healing guests for almost 150 years. Nestled in the majestic Coldwater Canyon, the 11-acre flagship spa offers all natural hot springs, mineral baths, a saline pool, three lounge pools, a lap pool, and Cafe Sole a full-service restaurant highlighting a seasonal selection of locally produced, organic cuisine. Glen Ivy's exclusive spa menu features signature treatments such as an outdoor red clay mud bath and The Grotto -- an underground facility offering a distinctive steam and body moisturizing treatment.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Inc. recently expanded its operation by opening day spa facilities in Hermosa Beach, Valencia, and Brea, Calif. Each spa offers a relaxing atmosphere and an extensive menu of therapies based on the natural healing philosophy that has become synonymous with the Glen Ivy
brand. For more information on any of the Glen Ivy locations, visit or call 888- GLEN-IVY.