American Spa’s 2017 Trend Report

Over the past year, we at American Spa have been scouring trade shows, spas, research studies, and more, noting significant industry trends to prepare for our annual report. While we are highlighting a few trends that are certainly new to the marketplace, one thing that really stood out to me this year is that many of the experiences that are garnering attention in the spa are actually healing modalities with deep historic roots.

Fermentation, for example, is creating a major buzz in beauty, but the concept is one that is hundreds—if not thousands—of years in the making in alcohol and Korean food processes. It is just one of the many wellness concepts that we’ve tapped this year that ascribe to the “everything old is new again” philosophy.

Still, there are many exciting topics we’re highlighting this year that are new and exciting for our industry. No matter whether these wellness trends are new, new-to-spa, or traditional trends experiencing a revival, they are all certainly making an impact on our industry. We hope our list will help you keep them coming back for more.

  1. Fermentation Phenomenon: This Korean beauty breakout is taking center stage in skincare.
  2. Tastemaker Task Force: Influencers are making an impact with picture-perfect spa and wellness marketing.
  3. At Home With Wellness: Wellness communities make consumers feel right at home with built-in healthy amenities.
  4. Night Moves: Spas help improve clients’ sleep patterns and offer products that pamper at night.
  5. Pop Stars: Consumers are clamoring for wellness-inspired pop-up spas.
  6. Healthy Infusions: A shot of IV therapy is injecting spas with an exciting way of promoting healing.
  7. Chain Effect: Franchises are experiencing incredible growth and attracting loyal customers.
  8. Farm Fresh Beauty: Farm-to-skin beauty brands are blooming as consumers seek non-toxic, natural skincare options.
  9. Ice Age: Sub-zero healing solutions are tempting spa-goers looking to chill out.
  10. Hope Floats: Flotation therapy is making a splash with meditatively minded clients.