American Stress Levels Rising

Are you or your clients battling stress on a regular basis? If so, you are not alone. According to TeleVox’s Healthy World Report more than half of Americans report feeling stressed in everyday life and it is negatively impacting their health. Healthcare providers note 65 percent of patients suffer from the detrimental effects of stress. Here’s a few ways to help your clients maintain a healthy balance and reduce overall stress:

  • Communicate. Send emails, text messages, or get on the phone to share personalized tips for stress management and healthy habits in between spa appointments.
  • Fitness. Exercise is an effective defense against stress. Nearly 90 percent of doctors recommend it for just that, and extra reminders from their spa professional can help too.
  • Play. Encourage clients to take a break from work and pursue personal interests. The report found more Americans were stressed during a typical workday than other activities.

How does your spa encourage healthy stress management?

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