Chocolates for Holiday Stress Relief

The holidays are a wonderful time to fill your spa with unique sensory experiences designed to relax and rejuvenate. Stress relief and calming experiences are never more in-demand than around the holidays. Lavender may not be a traditional holiday scent, but its calming, mood-boosting benefits are just the antidote harried spa-goers need right now. If you're looking for a twist on the typical lavender, check out the new partnership between Miami-based perfume distributor Paris Perfumes Inc. and renowned chocolatier Maribel Lieberman, owner of MarieBelle Chocolatier, on behalf of French perfume house Caron Paris. MarieBelle Chocolatier translated the scent of Pour Un Homme Sport, Caron Paris' latest fragrance, into a delicious truffle. “We are delighted to have collaborated with the talented Maribel Lieberman,” says Aryeh Nakache, vice president of operations at Paris Perfumes Inc. “Her sensational truffle creation represent Caron Paris’ essence, and truly awakens your senses.” The Pour Un Homme Sport features two of the main notes from the fragrance: lavender and mandarin. 

It doesn’t end there. To culminate the partnership, MarieBelle Chocolatier also participated in Caron Paris’s interactive, multi-sensory art instillation during Miami Art Week 2016. The installation, titled “The Philosopher's Stone: Awaken Your Senses,” consists of a large-scale polyethylene helium sculpture suspended above a bed. It was designed to engage viewers through a multi-sensory experience involving all five senses. Participants will experience Pour Un Homme Sport’s citrusy and delicate notes of mandarin and lavender when tasting MarieBelle Chocolatier’s truffles.

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