Discover the Power of Crystal Energy

The VitaJuwel infuses water with the healing properties of various gems.

While some may find it hard to believe that water has the ability to express emotional vibrations, Japanese author, researcher, and photographer Masaru Emoto stunned many with his discovery that crystals formed in frozen water revealed the molecular structure of water could be impacted by words and thoughts. When water was exposed to positive words or thoughts, it produced visually pleasing crystal formations. “There is a direct relationship between water and consciousness,” says Jonathan Paul DeVierville, Ph.D. “We are conscious water, so to speak. We are water that has become self reflective. It’s a whole new deeper understanding and appreciation in the sense of water being alive.” The idea certainly seems to resonate with many in the industry who are looking for ways to tap into its healing powers, such as the folks behind Osmosis Pür Medical SkinCare, which offers Osmosis Skin Perfection Harmonized Water, and VitaJuwel, which produces a variety of glass dispensers that infuse water with energy from a variety of gems and crystals.

The gem water has been especially well received at Amara Spa  (Sedona, AZ), where people flock to explore the area’s famed vortexes. According to spa director Sonja Anduiza, the spa has retailed a total of 244 VitaJuwels in just over a year, making it the spa’s number-one bestseller. “Guests are invited to sample the different gem combinations, and each guest responds differently to them, whether by the beautiful color or how they respond to the charged water,” says Anduiza.  “We have three decanters with gem wands available to our guests, and those practicing yoga with us first thing in the morning love being able to improve their health by drinking in wellness. We even have guests fill up their water bottles with the gem water before they go off on a hike or explore Sedona.” The most popular bottle—one intended for harmonious balance—inspired Anduiza to design a seasonal facial around the balancing elements. “Because we are in large part made of water, it only makes sense to replenish with energetically charged water from a glass bottle,” says Anduiza. “The body responds to what it knows it needs.”

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